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Nordea Bank AccountsNordea is a large banking group that operates throughout the Nordic countries. It is based in Sweden. The company was formed over decades and is made up of over 300 banks the oldest of which were established in the 1820s. The current bank was officially founded in 2001. In Sweden... read more

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  • Nordea Personal Loan - Loans
    Q: Hey there I want to borrow money from Nordea bank. As I am a customer in should know that there can be loan for a customer.. Thank you

    Reply Mebratu from Sweden
  • Nordea 8 Year Home Loan - Loans
    Q: To whom it may concern, My husband and I currently live and own a property in Australia. My husband is Swedish and we are looking at moving back in a coupe of years. We currently own a house that has around AUD$80,000 in equity. We have seen a house in Uppsala that we are interested in buying but are unsure if we are able to do so whilst living in Australia? The house is SEK 2,235000.00 (AUD350,000). Do you have any options for lending or information for the possibility of us using our equity from our home here to purchase a house in Sweden? Is that a possibility? I look forward to hearing from you Kind Regards Lauren

    Reply Lauren from Australia